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This site is about suggestions on how to make Democracy more "democratic".

We vote every few years, and then leave all the decision making to our leaders. It would be better if we could be involved by vote. At the moment they are too far away from the people in their decision making. A vote on their decisions would allow the power to be brought back to the people.

The power of the Internet has enabled most major decisions to be voted on by the voting public. We only need set up a system where people can see what decisions are being suggested. Then they can place their vote. These decisions if voted upon favourably by the majority would show that the people are the true decision makers.
A recent example of such was a decision made with out the peoples vote was made by John Key and his Government with the filming of The Hobbit. He had to negotiate on our behalf and decided that giving the Hollywood company large tax discounts and changing employment law was sufficient for the large benefits the country would receive.
On the TV news, an impromptu call in survey was held, asking people to vote by txt whether this decision was best for them. The vote was in favour of the decision. It worked out ok because the NZ public agreed with John Jey. But really that vote should have been held before John Key negotiated. That way the New Zealand government would know absolutely for sure it is acting as the people want it.

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