Thursday 1 March 2012

Our Government

Often a government is labelled by its leader. As in the case John Key's Government which is the current New Zealand Government. John Key is the prime minister of New Zealand and he has an important job to do. However he is not the owner of the government, nor should he make decisions unilateraly without the input of its citizens.

Doing a quick search on the NZ Herald at Google with the exact line : "john key's government"
reveals the NZ Peoples Government being called John Key's government in a number of news articles.

To call a countries government by its prime minister implies that decisions are made by one man. And that one man has greater influence then any other man. Yet that government is for the people and voted in by the people. In my opinion a government should begin with the people. Calling it The New Zealand People's Government has a far better ring to it. A ring which resonates with the people.

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